[Tweet Talk ①] Yoon Eun Hye “Interview Via Tweeter? It’s Completely Novel^^”

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It’s a generation that is overflowing with Twitter. Since the first tweet by its founder on March 21, 2006, the Tweeter has become one of the strongest Social Network Service (SNS) in past 5 years, and has experienced a storm like growth. The world averages 17700 tweets a day, and there are approximately 3,000,000 registered Korean tweet users. The size and the speed of information distribution via Tweeter is simply unimaginable. And the stars have fallen for this attraction as well. From the most followed account, novelist Lee Wae Soo to Super Junior Dong Hae, Hee Chul, comedian Kim Jae Dong, singer BoA, figure skating Fairy Kim Yun A, actors Park Joong Hoon, Kim Kap Soo, and etc., the Tweeter sensation is going beyond the age and sex boundaries to join in this storm. In regards to this phenomenon, Daily Sports has created the ‘Star Tweet Talk (Tweeter Talk)’ corner, which will talk to stars via Tweeter. We have created effective and creative environment that can’t be found in a standard person to person interviews. The first star in focus for this concept is an Yoon Eun Hye, who has successfully made a complete transformation from being a singer to an actor. We have met with Yoon Eun Hye for the past 5 days via Tweeter. As we began our interview, it felt as if she was sitting next to us.

(Daily Sports) Hello~ This is Daily Sports. Yoon Eun Hye, you’ve been chosen as the first star to interview with ‘Tweet Talk’. How do you feel? (4.2)

(1003Grace) It’s amazing (neat) that we can do an interview like this^^;; And of course, it’s an honor to be chosen as the first person to be interviewed, haha >_< Although it’s true that it’s bit awkward~ I think I’ll become more comfortable and have fun with it as time passes~ (4.2)

(Daily Sports) Your movie,’My Black Mini Dress’ opened in theaters on March 24th. If you were to critique it yourself? (4.1)

(1003Grace) Hmm~ I don’t think the results are as important. Of course, I do hope for better resulted as I liked the process (of making the film)^^ There are areas in which I feel I could have done better as well. I’m usually not good at giving myself a high grade;; So I saw many areas that I didn’t do as well, and I could have done better. (4.2)

(Daily Sports) I would think that you are little disappointed that the movie didn’t receive a great deal of hot response. (4.1)

(1003Grace) I was very happy when the movie gathered 200,000 (viewers) within first 3 days of opening, because I was very worried. It was the first movie in a while (for me) and there were lots of people with high expectations. I was also worried about the cold weather and sand winds (from China during this time of the year), and I think I was worried and complaining about many small things.

(1003Grace) What if people have trouble getting to the theaters? If the results aren’t good, then there would be articles saying such things as “As expected, movies are too burdensome (for YEH)?” I didn’t want to hear such words ㅍ_ㅍ Since they (reporters) don’t acknowledge 2nd place. But (4.2)

(1003Grace) I think I’d be grateful and happy if everyone who has watched it will remember and hold our movie in their heart. That’s really the reason why you act. (As expected, explaining with short answers isn’t working out as well ㅠㅡㅜ Sorry, sorry) (4.2)

(Daily Sports) What have you gained from this movie and what have you lost? (4.1)

(1003Grace) Should I tell you what I’ve lost first? Hmm..What could be there? I haven’t really thought about what I’ve lost. I’m usually thankful for what I have, hehe.. I guess if I’ve disappointed many people or made them upset, that is probably what I’ve lost. (4.2)

(1003Grace) As for what I’ve gained, I think it is the mental attitude (?). Instead of feeling burdened about filming movies, I now feel that movies are fun due to the good experience. I am now looking forward to my next movie^^♥ Let’s become more mature through lots of experience. I think I’ve gained such thoughts and attitude.(4.2)

(Daily Sports) We are now going into an unexpected question~ Today(the 2nd), the first thing you did when you got up from bed in the morning is? keke(4.2)

(1003Grace) I got up at 8 AM and washed up to go on a stage greetings event in Chunan, Daejun, and etc..keke I got to the beauty shop by 9 AM. (4.2)

(Daily Sports) What will you do this weekend? (4.2)

(1003Grace) I have schedules for movie promotion throughout the weekend. I’ll be going to Soowon, Jookjun, Apgujeong, and Samsung-dong for stage greetings events, hehe.. (4.2)

(Daily Sports) The best picture (of yourself) saved in your cell phone is? Please show it to us~ Please provide us with information on where you took the picture as well. (4.2)

(1003Grace) My cell phone is currently broken;; I’ve had so many pictures and it’s unfortunate. I promise to do this next time!! (4.2) (Daily Sports) You are a representing fashionista of entertainment industry. Were you born with a great sense of fashion? I envy your fashion sense >_< (4.1)

(1003Grace) You are overpraising me @_@* Heehee I just try to mix my style with some of the popular items in every year’s collections and etc., since I’m in an industry that deals with high interest in clothes. A fashion that I could show my image. (4.2)

(1003Grace) It’s actually become a part (of me?). So as for my profession, I give it more attention trying to make it match T.P.O. But, I tend to dress casually outside of work ㅠㅡㅜ;; Embarrassed, embarrassed(4.2)

(Daily Sports) Can you reveal a photo of yourself wearing an everyday, normal outfit for ‘Tweet Talk’? Yahoo~ (4.1)

(1003Grace) I’m posting few pictures taken this morning at a beauty shop, since I don’t have any pictures wearing everyday clothes on hand; I was late today as well, so I wore pretty comfortable clothes, and the photos came out okay keke(4.2)

(Daily Sports) I’ve heard that you enjoy riding a bicycle and playing badminton during free time~ (4.1)

(1003Grace) Staff members gave me a bicycle last year as a present. The were begging me to exercise a little keke But after riding it about 3 times, I had to stop because the weather became too cold. ㅠㅡㅜ I’m hoping to ride more this year. I rode it again with the staff members just few days ago, but it was(4.5)

(1003Grace) still too cold~ As for badminton, it was when our ‘The House (Agency)’ went on a MT (group trip). I played it one on one. But the managers weren’t so lenient @_@; Aren’t they too mean? Hehe.. Even so, I remember that I had so much fun~~!!^^ (4.5)

(Daily Sports) Thank you for answering our questions in the midst of busy schedules~~ Now we have more questions~ Yoon Eun hye’s secret to becoming a successful singer is~ (4.3)

(1003Grace) I’m grateful and embarrassed that you think of me that way;; My head is spinning because you are asking me what the secret is, when I still lack many things and I still need to improve a lot ㅎㅎ Diligence, diligence^^ (4.5)

(Daily Sports) We are curious to find out who are some of the beautiful stars that Yoon Eun Hye recognizes (For their beauty).(4.3)

(1003Grace) Ahk ~There are too many. They all look so pretty to me ㅠㅡㅜ Ah!! Kim Hee Ae sunbaenim (senior). Whenever I run into her, she is shining. From face to body, and aura as well~ I would love it if I can look like her down the line♥ (4.5)

(Daily Sports) We’d think that you’d miss the Baby V.O.X days sometimes. What is Baby V.O.X to Eun Hye?(4.3)

(1003Grace) A past that can’t be left out from my life? An important moment in my life that allowed me to become who I am today? While I’m bit embarrassed for lacking in many ways as a singer, I think all of the experience during that time has made me who I am today~ It’s a grateful experience. (4.5)

(Daily Sports) We’re going into personal questions~ What was the biggest thing you’ve done for someone you love (^O^)/ (4.3)

(1003Grace) The biggest thing I’ve done for someone I love(d)? Hmmm..getting a question like this makes me think..what could it be? It makes me think back. Nothing really jumps out of my mind since I usually like doing things for others. Perhaps..loving them wholeheartedly?? (4.5)

(Daily Sports) People like me because of ○○○ reasons. What word(s) would you like to include in that spot? We are also curious about the reasons as well. (4.3)

(1003Grace) Being average (common, everyday person)? I ended up on a stars who said something absurd list with that word, keke It’s a negative thought, but it’s also a positive thing as well. As an actress, I want to become a person who’d fit under any image, just like a drawing paper. It doesn’t have the glamor such as ‘sexy’ and ‘innocent beauty’, but I think it’s a positive thing at times. (4.5)

(Daily Sports) What song do you enjoy listening to most these days? (4.3)

(1003Grace) Love is blind ^∇^;; It’s an OST for our movie, ‘My Black Mini Dress’. It’s not that I listen to it a lot because it’s my song, but I end up hearing it a lot during promotions, keke (4.5)

(Daily Sports) Do you have any idols you like? (4.3)

(1003Grace) Sure. Big Bang·2ne1·IU and etc..They sing well and have lots of talents as well, hehe.. It pleases my eyes and ears~~ (4.5)

(Daily Sports) When was the most happiest moment since your debut? (4.3)

(1003Grace) Having the word ‘most’ included makes me think intently again, hehe.. I’m usually grateful and happy everyday. I’m even happy right now. I’m happy that I have an opportunity to do (work) what I desire to do~ Isn’t this happiness? (4.5)

(Daily Sports) Singing, acting, dancing, Yoon Eun Hye is good at everything. Is there something that you are not good at? (4.3)

(1003Grace) What do you mean that I’m good at everything. There are many things that I’m not good at @_@;; Hmm.. It’s not really something about what I’m bad at, but you can tell when I lie or I’d come home and worry if I’d lied. There are times when I can’t be honest in this business, and I had come home and cried. And (4.5)

(1003Grace) I’m also not good at swimming. It’s not that I’m really afraid of water or anything, but I’d get scared first when my feet don’t touch the ground. So I play with tubes when I go swimming,keke (4.5)

(Daily Sports) What are your goals or wishes that you want to accomplish this year? (4.3)

(1003Grace) For strangest reasons, I tend not to have set goals. I think I’d be stressed out and upset if I fail to accomplish goals I set for myself ㅍ_ㅍ Hmm..I just try to do my best at everything that comes my way, and enjoy the process. But if I was to have a wish, it would be that this year will be a busy year. (4.5)

(1003Grace) Busy year may have many meanings. But for me, it means that I’m hoping for a year in which I have the opportunities do things I want to do, and show what I want to show. Just as I’ve started this year with the happiness of filming a movie, I want to continue running~ I think it would be a very meaningful year if I can do that.♥ Fighting!! (4.5)

(1003Grace) All the questions and answers have ended. Because it’s a short answer format interview, I think I was careful to make sure my answers would be understood properly and was even thinking about the grammar throughout the interview. (4.5)

(1003Grace) Because I don’t want to look like a fool^_^;; But it was a fun and meaningful experience as the first time interview in this format. Because I was answering whenever I had some time in between the schedule, and I can be machine-like at times, some of the answers were awkward. I’m sorry about that. I’ll see you again next time~ Thank you ♥♥ (4.5)

Edit=Reporter Kim In Goo, Kim Yeon Ji
[Source: Daily Sports]



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