[News][Review]Lie To Me “Chairwoman Hyun Myung Jin’s Mistake and Hyun Sang Hee’s Stupidity”

Date: June 02, 2011

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Lie To Me “Chairwoman Hyun Myung Jin’s Mistake and Hyun Sang Hee’s Stupidity”
Before he realized it, Gong Ah Jung has become real!

2011, June 1st (Wednesday) 06:47:03 Kim Yoon Suk Reporter

It was clearly a mistake by Chairwoman Hyun Myung Jin (Oh Mi Hee). Things were chaotic even without her involvement. Even if Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan)’s feelings are now pointing to Gong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye), his guilty feelings and heartbreak towards Oh Yoon Joo (Jo Yoon Hee) had remained, especially memories of loving her. But she asked them to split up since he is married now.

It was at a time when things were moving along joyfully. Missing out on replying the text message because one was too occupied with how to reply it, is a sign of how sincere things are. What if I reply it with this message? What if I reply it with that message? Would it be okay? Would it not be okay? How can I see the person’s face one more time.. how can I spend one additional minute with the person for even just a little smile?

They began from being strangers to now a relationship that contain jealousy. I wonder what she felt as she took Oh Yoon Joo’s phone number and address given to her by Yoo So Ran (Hong Soo Hyun), and headed to her house. Even after becoming mindless from comforting her feelings with alcohol, when asked by the taxi driver if she had anyone to contact, she confidently states Hyun Ki Joon’s name and say that he is her husband.

Is it possible that Hyun Ki Joon’s character is someone who’d shake a cola bottle to play a joke on a girl? She even showed him her face with messed up makeup, and they played together spraying cola on each other. Then all of sudden, their face came closer, their eyes shined towards each other, and they shared an intense kiss. By now we should be saying that it’s over. They’ve already become sincere towards each other. They’ve confirmed that.

If everything was left just as is, Oh Yoon Joo would have never become an issue. Of course, guilt or compassion can replace love. But there’s a limit to that. In particular, Oh Yoon Joo wasn’t at the side of Hyun Ki Joon at that moment. When Hyun Ki Joon’s feelings were about to point towards Gong Ah Jung, Oh Yoon Joo wasn’t there to stop it. To go back to Oh Yoon Joo now would be nothing more than being possessed by ghost of the past. And that would be a tragic love story.

But for that to happen, time is needed. Oh Yoon Joo knows this, and that’s why she began to press. As she became pressed she ended up leaning on Hyun Sang Hee (Sung Joon). While she knows Hyun Sang Hee’s feelings, while she knows better than anyone how cruel her act is, she does it because she is pressed and feels the urgency. Because Hyun Ki Joon is about to leave.

Regrets dominate Hyun Sang Hee at this time. It is the guilt. He still loves Oh Yoon Joo. And he loves his brother, Hyun Ki Joon. And after time has passed in which he can be his normal self again, he knew. He realized the result that his actions caused. He had made his love~ no, his obsession, Oh Yoon Joo and his brother Hyun Ki Joon miserable.

“I said it’s not over!”

He is also possessed by the ghost of the past. To return things back to the times before he messed it up. To the time before he made others miserable. Helping Gong Ah Jung to cause troubles for Hyun Ki Joon was nothing but his little childish revenge. But getting angry at Gong Ah Jung, as she was getting too deeply involved, was probably his instinct based on wanting to return things to the way they were.

“If you love her, grab her! Don’t give up because of me”

It doesn’t matter how Hyun Ki Joon felt about Oh Yoon Joo. It didn’t matter if Hyun Ki Joon still loves Oh Yoon Joo, if Hyun Ki Joon no longer loves her, or if Hyun Ki Joon loves someone else. But what he wanted was the Hyun Ki Joon of the past. The past at a time when Hyun Ki Joon loved Oh Yoon Joo and Oh Yoon Joo loved Hyun Ki Joon. If things can go back, he is ready to let go and celebrate their love sincerely.

“Did something good happen to you?”
“Is it easy to tell?”
“Completely! Hey, your voice sounds like it’s about to fly away!”
“I guess it’s completely over”

I wondered what he meant by something being completely over when I watched the drama for the first time. But after having examined the entire story, he’s probably talking about being able to finally end and let go of his stupidity, longings, and guilt of the past. Things that he didn’t do in the past. Things he should have done in the past. He had completed what he should have done in the past when Oh Yoon Joo came to him to talk.

But to say that it’s over, Hyun Ki Joon who he wants, trusts, and thinks of is Hyun Ki Joon of 5 years ago. And Hyun Ki Joon who is standing in front of him is Hyun Ki Joon of today. How will he accept this? He still loves Oh Yoon Joo and wants her to be happy. And he believes that this is also Hyun Ki Joon’s happiness as well. Misunderstandings tend to mix and complicate things to create a tragic love story.

Ultimately, because Chairwoman Hyun Myun Jin’s encouragement, Gong Ah Jung’s feelings also became real. She thought things will be the same in the future. That they’d always smile and spend time together. Playing around at times, arguing at times, sweet at times, and passionate at times. But when Hyun Ki Joon’s disappearing feelings were awakened by Chairwoman Hyun Myung Jin’s actions, the dangerous situation made her more earnest, more honest, and made her sincere.

“Even if we act, I will be the one acting!”

Once something becomes the truth, it can’t be made into a lie. It can be said that it was a lie and had no meaning when it’s already become real. That is something stronger than pride. No, that’s is the pride. She can’t make her feelings for Hyun Ki Joon into a lie.

The image of thoughtless Yoo So Ran seated after a chaotic fight with her husband Chun Jae Bum (Ryu Seung Soo), is at that moment, Gong Ah Jung’s image as well. The image full of scars, looking like a lonely hand that’s thrown away. At that moment, in Gong Ah Jung’s mind, Yoo So Ran wasn’t her competition who she’d even go far as to lie in order to beat, but a colleague who is full of scars. Even if the situation is bit different.

As expected it, dramas need tensions. Something peculiar that will stimulate one’s mind in order to be entertaining. It’s enjoying the troubles and confusion that comes from unexpected situations, rather than just being melted away by someone else’s sweet love story that is defined by romantic comedies.

The drama exploded from something unexpected. How will Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung’s relationship come together. They already love each other. They have already confirmed their feelings for each other. It’s just that yet another coincidence have made them misunderstand each other. But people who love each other should end up being together with their lovers. It is the law of romantic comedies. If lovers end up split forever due to reality, then it becomes a melodrama. And this isn’t such a story.

Yoo So Ran knows the truth, Chun Jae Bum and Yoo So Ran are going through the worst of times, Hyun Sang Hee is satisfied, and Hyun Ki Joon is confused. And Gong Ah Jung is very sincere. If things don’t get too serious from this point, this a good thing. It makes you wonder what will happen next. How things will be. It makes me tighten up. It makes me tense.

[Source: news@stardailynews.co.kr]


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