[News]‘Lie To Me’ Kang Ji Hwan, Yoon Eun Hye, Dating Under The Blue Night Sky of Jeju Islands..Heartbeats..

Date: June 13, 2011

Source: http://yooneunhye.net/forums/topic/yoon-eun-hye-drama-lie-to-me/page/51

[News En Reporter Park Ah Reum]

Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye of SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ’Lie To Me’ are expected to grab the viewers’ attention as they renew their feelings to each other under the blue night sky of Jeju Islands.

The 10th episode of ’Lie To Me’, aired on June 7th, drew a scene of surprised Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) and Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) upon sudden appearance of Chairman Chen.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung lied on behalf of one another when Chairman Chen and the Minister asked about their marriage.

A picture of the two characters in a harmonious atmosphere has been noticed to garner attention. The filming session on this day is expected to please the viewers’ eyes, as the two characters who ended up at the islands for due to their work, will spend time together under the blue night sky of Jeju Islands.

Ki Joon and Ah Jung had began their relationship with a ridiculous lie and as a married couple from the start. Their love has become real through passage of time, but while they face a difficult yet fluttering love, the 11th episode of ’Lie To Me’ is expected to display a new beginning of their love as Ki Joon will actively court Ah Jung and state ”Let’s start from the beginning following the order”.

CEO Yoon Young Ha of Verdi Media, the production company behind ’Lie To Me’, stated ”The filming session of Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s new beginning, which took place over 3 nights and 4 days, produced fantastic scenes from the excellent synthesis of the characters fluttering love and the beautiful scenery of Jeju Islands. Please have lots of anticipation for the 11th episode of ’Lie To Me’, which will include a sweet romance of the two main characters and the beautiful scenery of Jeju Islands.”

Meanwhile, as Ki Joon and Ah Jung’s true feelings are displayed, the delicate relationship between Ki Joon, who is going through difficulty because of Yoon Joo (Jo Yoon Hee), and Sang Hee (Sung Joon), who has feelings towards Ah Jung, is adding to the entertainment of the storyline.

[Source: News En]


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CREDIT FROM http://yooneunhye.net/forums/topic/yoon-eun-hye-drama-lie-to-me/page/51


27 thoughts on “[News]‘Lie To Me’ Kang Ji Hwan, Yoon Eun Hye, Dating Under The Blue Night Sky of Jeju Islands..Heartbeats..

  1. we just hope that the CEO of Verdi Media would be a fairy godmother abd give us viewers another drama starring KJH and YEH with a good plot and well written script to really show case not only the electrifying chemistry on screen of both actors but most especially, their talent and craft as actors.

  2. I really miss “HwanHye”… Any news
    from the two lovin Ice cream couple?… Please
    share it to us!… movie pls cant get over to you guys … Thanks

  3. kang jihwan is the sexiest korean actor hunk and a heartrob his smile melts a woman heart a vey talented actor i watched 90days bestrong geum soon and lie to me for the nth tume and i fe, in love with him

  4. I live in the US and watched LTM too many times to count. I hope that the producers would think about contuining the saga–why only 16 episodes? Couldn’t this be a long-running drama? We just loved it!!

  5. Also from the US. Just watched (and re-watched) this wonderful drama. Despite it faults, the onscreen chemistry between these two actors is what drove this drama. It was beautiful. This was my first Korean drama, and I’m afraid that all other will not live up to the excitement these two actors generated when they were on screen together. I too, wondered why only 16 episodes and why it wasn’t a hit in Korea.
    Or simply put these two actors in another dram/ comedy together. I think they were at their best, being silly,romatntic, simply said, on screen together.
    Thank you for such enjoyable watching.

    • i really wonder why it didnt hit in korea!!! ive finish the whole series and still kept on watching it over and over..love their chemistry kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye!!!hoping for a part 2 also…

      • yea, i read the rating is not good in korea but it’s no.1 in the philippines. yeh & kgh are so good together. they have a very sweet rapport.i wish to see them in other projects.lie to me is worth watching over & over again. my friends & i are addicted to it.it may have its flaws but still it’s worth watching.thank you sbs.

  6. OMG!!!!they have a very good chemistry, I love this couple,,your right guys,they must continue the love story ,it must have a part 2 or they need to do another romantic comedy drama,, hope they will be together in real life….I’m so excited:)))))

  7. Lie to me it’s really beautiful korean drama, it’s really sad why have only 16 episode 😥 we request for the PART 2 …

  8. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun-Hye are my favorite korean on screen couple. They really look good together. Both good looking people; I miss them and I hope there’s another funny, romantic drama show for them. Kang Ji Hwan is soooo handsome, even handsomer when he frowns 🙂

  9. my days is not complete if i didn’t watch this drama (LTM) i downloaded so that i can look back anytime i want … they look good together hope for a part 2 … from phil

  10. I salute the creative team and entire cast of Lie To Me for creating such remarkable story-line. It was very unconventional with no dull moments and not to mention the actors were very admirable for their superb performance in which it captured the hearts of many viewers overseas. Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan both effectively acted out their roles so well as if the story was really written for them.

    For the record, their wonderful tandem and their show is a phenomenal success here in the Philippines that gained high tv ratings to GMA Network considering it was aired on a late night spot. It even went TRENDING WORLDWIDE on TWITTER during the final episode which was August 24 (#LieToMeFinale). Thousands of fans here really loved Lie To Me and all were appealing to SBS for a Part 2 of Lie To Me given the international viewers’ insistent public demand not only in Philippines but also in other countries around globe. I hope this message will reach people from SBS Korea. ^_^

  11. I was so surprised to find out that Lie to Me Drama Series did not make a hit in Korea. Why is this so? Anyway, i have seen this drama for second time and i don’t get bored watching it, again and again. The lead characters – Kang Ji Hwa and Yoon Eun Hye made a perfect match. They are such a good couple. I hope something special is going on between them in real life. I am their big follower here in the Philippines.

  12. First time to watch Korean drama and this one, I got hooked. I think the two lead actors had an amazing and breathtaking chemistry. I hope to see them again in new series becoz LTM was too short for me. Hope to see them as married couple. Thank you very much.

  13. …dont lie to me is one of the best Korea movies that i have watched_seriously you guys look good together hope to see you guys soon_all the best am Mary hozaifeh a ghanaian

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