Blue Salt VIP Premiere August 23, 2011


3 thoughts on “Blue Salt VIP Premiere August 23, 2011

  1. Among the korean actress, to me she has the most beautiful legs. Difference in shape can easily seen in comparison with the others.

    Why waring T-shirt with the coke design? Maybe an endorsement? Cola episode? Who knows!!!!!. a Hint? (maybe?)

    In one of KJH’s intervieiws
    Q7: Name the most classic scene in KJH acting career.
    KJH: Cola Kiss. That is start of the love/emotion between KJ-AJ and it received great reviews from all who watched it. Currently, there is a Colas Kiss Epilouge planned for Ep 16, this is my unforgettable scene. (laugh)

  2. yeah, she has great legs 😉 and I hadn’t notice about her shirt until you mentioned =)) well, the Cola kiss is indeed super hot (in my opinion) and IF she endorses for Coca Cola [dreaming] wow, can u imagine it, seeing her image everywhere globally =))

  3. Did any of you notice the ring, is that the ring same as kang ji hwan in the press conference of runway cop? Please check guys thanks!

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