Gionee Press Conference 2011/11/11


Ethan Ruan said that he is very happy that he could meet Yoon Eun Hye and that in making the CF there were many interesting scenes and you all can see that. Eventhough we just met, we had to act like we we were lovers and because Gionee could make them more close, he was very happy…Ethan had a very familiar feeling like as if he has known YEH for a very long time.

YEH said that it was a bit regretful cause she and Ethan only filmed together in the last scene. She said she hopes that they can work together in another project or also another CF.

The CF director said that they both have similar eye expression and have great chemistry.

Question: Yoon Eun Hye do you like Ethan? YEH was very shy and said no comment LOL…after that she said we have not know eachother for very long, so this question is not reasonable..The host and Ethan started teasing her saying “why are you so serious in answering the question?”

The last question was: When you both shot this CF did you both feel fireworks?
Ethan then got closer to YEH and said to the audience: “Can you see the fireworks between us?” LOL…after that he said he is very happy because of Gionee CF he was able to meet YEH…

The last hope for Gionee: YEH said she hopes she and Ethan can be Gionee ambassador for one,two or three years




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