[Fan Meeting 2012] Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜 Message: Spend Valentines With Me 2012

Date: Jan. 31, 2012

Source: YoonEunHye.Net

Actress Yoon Eun Hye is holding a fan meeting in Japan this February.

Recently, Yoon tweeted, “I’m holding a fan meeting in Fukuoka on Valentine’s Day, February 14.”
She added, “My heart is fluttering because the fan meeting will have been ages since I last meet my fans. Will you spend Valentine’s Day with me?”
Yoon’s this fan meeting in Japan will have been a long while since her last one in September, 2010.
Yoon has been active as an actress through the series “Lie To Me” and the movie “My Black Mini-Dress.”

Source: Starnews

English Translation: “I’m happy and bit flutterd (heart) to be able to greet you through the homepage. I have a great news that we’d finally be able to see each other with a fan meeting. You’re happy right? It’s on February 14th, the valentines day. I think those of you who have lovers may be bit worried, but it’s okay to come together. If you are solo and lonely, then you can spend time with me as I’m also in the same situation as you. You’ll definitely come, right? Please come as I am currently preparing hard to have a fun and memorable event with you. You have to be with me~then it’s February 14th and please have lots of anticipation. I’ll be waiting for you.”

(Credit: CDBloom@YoonEunHye.net)





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