[Magazine] ELLE Magazine October Issue – Joy of Fashion

We met up with actress Yoon Eun Hye, who has joined the UGG Austrailia’s “Beyond Classic” collaboration project. Always happy to discuss fashion, she reveals her UGG boots that she is busy working on and other stylish items inside of her closet.

Photograhper: Choi Yong Bin
Editior: Baek Ji Yeon

Yoon Eun Hye appeared wearing this season’s Isabel Marant leather skirt with a vintage shirt she personally redesigned matched with an intense Christian Louboutin pumps, fitting the image of UGG Austrailia collaboration which she is finishing up.

Her UGG boots revealed at the Chungdam-dong UGG Austrailia flagship store isn’t a product of simple transformation that adds to regular boots. “Thinking about the exhibition after the program meeting gave me heavy responsibilities. Since I couldn’t put in a performance into the shoes as an actress, I tried to put in things that may interest people. I thought up a style of taking a leather hooded jacket and adorning the standard UGG boots. I adorned the hooded part with a fur and put the studs on the jacket. I attempted to create a “New Classic” mood by taking a glamorous aura and melting it into something chic. An advantage is that once the jacket is taken off, you can enjoy the standard classic UGG boots.” We can tell that she is not a celebrity who simply likes to “show up wearing pretty clothes” just by looking at the way she produced the studded look on the jacket.

Even the items she brought with her for the shooting contained many vintage items, such as necklaces, that she had made herself. “I help a friend who is running a vintage shop on normal basis. I get involved in meetings to come up with ideas and often lend a hand in the production.”

It must be concerning for an actress who is labeled as a “Fashionista” what to wear every day. But she’s found her style through many years of challenges and experiences. “I wore anything pretty and noticeable when I was young, and had things I couldn’t wear often or look good in it. Then I ended up liking “Safe” looks that would make me look thinner, and began wearing things that were more comfortable. Things that would be comfortable for me to wear and things other people would feel comfortable to look at. That’s important. I can upgrade the style by relieving the look of tension on the shoulders and focus on more natural look.”

Even when she goes out, she doesn’t focus on how the public would look at her, and wears things that are simple, such as a pair of jeans with t shirt and leggings. The most important thing to her sense of fashion is to focus on things that best fit her style and not overdress. Wearing a boxy men’s t shirt with a pair of shorts would be something essential. “I also like to wear Rick Owens style items mixed with a funky mood, adding simply a sunglasses to give it a pointer. As for shoes, I have lots of high heels and I’m really into blue color these days. I’ve been favoring blue color in shoes, bags, and even for nails”.

Yoon Eun Hye, who is into fashion just as much as in acting, says that discovering her style has increased her senses and helped her in acting. “Fashion gives me opportunities to change. If you focus only “my things” and look at things that are only important to me, it’s not possible to enjoy all the possible changes out there, but fashion gives me the opportunity to increase my perception and senses by offering that channel.”

She wants to be involved in a collaboration that she can be actively involved in, instead of ones which just add her name next to it. Through her soon to be revealed UGG boots, we anticipate our interaction with her diverse senses of fashion again.

The UGG Austrailia “Beyond Classic” collaboration project’s remade items will be exhibited and sold for 10 days from October 9th at its flag store, and the entire proceeds from the event will be donated to the “Children’s Foundation”.



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